Sunday, December 02, 2007

elf yourself.

i've been elfed! one of the best parts of my weekend was finding this insanely funny christmas site. i could spend hours dressing people up as elves and watching them dance.

it took a few tries to make sure I got the BEST spot in the elf lineup. (keep watching at the end, I even do an AIR GUITAR move) lisa looks like she's done this before with those hip swirls and jon's got the best neck rolls in the house. mc can't quite keep up with the rest of us (sigh), but his robot rocks the elfin world!

you can watch ours here or create your own elf lineup here.

ps - for those spread the elfin cheer, there really is no science to the lineup order! (boo)


Allison said...

OH MY GOD, this is the FUNNIEST thing ever. I've watched your video like five times in a row. I can't get enough. And you're not kiddin' about your moves, Nic. You definitely lead the group, but watch out for Lisa's hind end! She can sure work it!

Sondra said...

I must say, Lisa has the sexiest elf body I've ever seen! With that said, how skinny can one McElf's legs get??

MylRae said...

Well worth the 5 minutes it took to upload!

If you read the Sunday paper you'll see this website on every PC monitor in the ads.

Great moves, adorable outfit and it never grows old; I give it a 10!

Just wish it played longer.

Lisa said...

See all those nights of "So You Think You Can Dance" has paid off!!! =)