Tuesday, November 13, 2007

lucy 4th bday.

nov 12th was many reasons to CELEBRATE:
1. it's mc's late Grandma Ross' bday
2. it's Lucy's bday
3. it's Veteran's day / Remembrance Day

to celebrate - we sang 'happy birthday' to lucy and grandma while we wore our red poppies. poppies are a wartime remembrance symbol. we pick 'em up in Canada every year for Remembrance Day.

i really wasn't feeling well on Monday, so I didn't force Lucy to wear a birthday hat. i only had the energy for a BOW. what's even more unfortunate is that I didn't hang streamers or balloons. she barely got a 'happi bday' sign. i'm such a bad mom.

she totally knew it was her bday though. she got LOTS of treat from her dad, who thankfully had more energy than me and picked her up a few gifts (thx babe!). she got a new collar & squeaky cow toy... oh and Frosty Paws. here is a video of her getting introduced to booda. (we can't make this stuff up, it came on the cow just like winslow)


MylRae said...

Happy BELATED birthday Lucy! How old are you now?

Anonymous said...

Happy belated bday Lucy - it is also the Bishops 30th wedding anniversay this year
Don't forget its Zoe's birthday on Nov 17 and we will have had Callie 4 years too!

nickycunha said...

Lucy is FOUR now.

How could I forget the Bishop anniversary?! Congratulations on 3 DECADES!

Justine said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!
Sorry Im so late, I need to start writing these down!