Sunday, November 11, 2007

pirogie day.

the pirogie debate of last week is officially over. we opened and then closed the polls and made about 325 pirogies in one day. I chronicled the making of a pirogie on my Gallery page.

this was our YODA pirogie. we waited till the end to eat it.


MylRae said...

Where's Yoda? In our bellies of course!

Your pics are great Nicky!

Much better than my 6-8 (and half I couldn't even put up thanks to J&J, oh my)

I had 2 sauerkraut pierogi for dinner last night; boy they taste so much better when your not covered in flour!

lisa said...

Look delicious! Wish I could have made it. Nice work!

Jon said...


nickycunha said...

Yummy indeed.

I have to admit, the Yoda pirogie freaks me out a bit.