Thursday, November 08, 2007

junk wagon.

i fell off the JUNK wagon the last few weeks. work is crazier than a fish with fur and I just haven't had time! (hey - someone keeps telling me that there is a fur bearing TROUT species - is he fibbing me?)

anywho, i'm happy to report i'm slowly crawling back on the wagon! I've been kickstarting projects that were collecting dust and scooping up junk deals. case in point, last weekend I scored some JUNK from Sue. (my future mom-in-law)

Sue takes the most-junk-in-a girl's-possession prize. all i say is 'i'm looking to do a photo gallery up our hallway stairs' and she takes me to the several of her stashes waiting to be sold at her antique store. (basements, barns, garages... note these are all PLURAL!) before i know it, i have 20+ OLD, antique frames in our trunk waiting to be smuggled over the border! yea for junk! THANK YOU so much Sue - I can't wait to post about the before/after makeover!

some other treasures... a PINK blossom pyrex bowl (this made me squeal), a vintage fan, (she had like 8 to choose from), some kodak film canisters, an OLD meat thermometer (it says Rochester, NY on it!) and a piano bench in desperate need of paint and a new fabric covering.

Let the PROJECTS begin!!

Oh... how could I forget my most FAVORITE treasure of all - a vintage, wooden swivel desk chair for the office upstairs. i know why i forgot - it didn't FIT in our trunk ;-( so it's being delivered on TURKEY day when they come visit. I'm dreaming this chair sat in an old lawyer's office for many moons. the wear on the arm rests tells me they leaned back and rubbed the arms a lot, perhaps when pondering life or very stressed out. this chair is a keeper-for-life treasure!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see everything made it home. Looking forward to seeing all these projects completed! If you don't use the prints in the frames keep them as you know I have many more frames to fill.

Sarah and Jack said...

Ha fur bearing trout is a legend.

Nic score on the gooseberry pyrex.

emily said...

What a nice mother in law!! LOVE the pyrex dish!