Monday, December 10, 2007

doggie snow angels.

hey gang, lucy here.

after that cold trek in the snow picking out a tree, mom took me to one of my FAVE parks. i love going there b/c I usually meet one of my favorite boyfriends, Danny-boy, to play. boy he is a HOOT. i think he was trying to impress me big time with all those doggie snow angels he was doing. he's got the stop, drop, and roll down to a science! we were having a GREAT time getting our 'flirt on' until mom and Sondra starting taking MILLIONS of photos of us. sigh. i really hate POSING for the ball. then she put Danny's coat on me and ooh'd and aaah'd over how cute I looked. guess what's going on my xmas list now... sigh.

ps - go here to see the pics. u don't have to go far to see snow angels. i'm thinking a mini flip book of them would be a fun xmas gift for him...

lovin the lazy life,


Dannyboy said...

Dear Lucy,
I'm glad you liked my snow angels. Maybe we can get together again soon. I have some more tricks up my brown vest I'd like to show you. And I'll let you borrow it anytime you like. It's a man's job to keep his woman warm. After were lookin' fiiiiine in that vest!!!!!

My mom showed me a bunch of fun pictures of us. She picked a few out for something special. I think your mom will like it!

I am a little offended, though, that I am just one of your boyfriends. All this time, I thought I was your "one and only". We should talk about this, as my parents would like me to practice monogamy for various reasons. If you're playing the field because I'm overbearing at times, you should know that I am working on this. Every relationship takes work and this one is no different. I will continue to practice giving you space when you need it and loving you when you're willing. My Dad has been giving me tips on how to behave when we get together. I'm slow learner - what can I say?? Please consider this the next time you think of going out with another "man-doggy". I thought we had something special...Please don't disappoint me!!

All my doggy love!!

Jon said...

hahah lucy stop being a tramp