Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the junk fairy.

the next best thing to getting free JUNK alerts is having free JUNK show up on your doorstep. its the like the junk fairy came and dropped off a present, and it's way better than three dollars in quarters!

sondra stopped by with one of her drawers from an old letterpress. she must have known i was looking for one. casually looking of course, no need to be spending twenty bucks on one stinkin drawer.

these letterpress drawers were used way back when printing was done with good old fashion metal type. they held the letters, numbers and other symbols in 'em. fastforward a few decades and they are not in use with the computer surge... so many have been put out to pasture. making them VINTAGE, and a JUNK woman's collector item! they make perfect shadowboxes and can hold minitaures of any kind.

i am using my gifted drawer in the office as my rubber stamp holder for now. since i'm running out of storage room, i thought it'd be neat to hang on the wall above the crafting table.
thanks Sondra!!!


Justine said...

Looks like it fits perfectly! I wonder if theres a Junk Fairy in my neck of the woods!? By the way Im reading Memory Keepers Daughter... soo good! I cried :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous know-it-all from Niagara says it's a linotype drawer & if you want to see the table they did the setting on look no further than a certain garage on Wall Rd. Usually it's covered in car parts.

Sondra said...

U deserve that and more, Nicky!!!! Now what kind of junk can Justine possibly be looking for?

Vicky said...

Where can I get one of those??? Man Bocker...I can't keep up. If you ever need to get rid of some of your "junk"/vintage items, please send them to Liverpool!!

Justine said...

I've decided to take up junking & crafting, slowly but surely of course :) And if I fail, I hope you'll be ready for a trip to Florida to decorate the new pad!