Wednesday, July 09, 2008

summer decoratin'.

guess what's at walmart right now for only FIVE dollars?! a cute little glass gallon beverage dispenser. perfect for holding fresh iced TEA in the SUMMER.

oh and these adorable nylon placemats to match. at 50 cents each they're perfect for the outside patio. easy cleanup for all those backyard bbq's!

the perfect thing about placemats is that when I'm sick of these, I can stich 'em on up and make some cute outdoor pillows for the front porch. happi-day!


Jonny said...

awww i love summmer.
I'm Jonny by the way.
I came across your blog while browsing.
I really enjoy it.
Well feel free to read/comment my posts.
I'd greatly appreciate it.

MylRae said...

love paisley too!

And it matches my RED Nikes! Any matching t-shirts at Wallyworld or in other shopping paths?

NJTomboy said...

I have that container in orange (diff print).. but mine leaks all the time.. I need a few of those nylon placemats... Time for a Wally's visit.

Those are perfect for some fresh brewed SWEET TEA w/ Lemones!!!