Friday, October 16, 2009

i love lists.

most close to me know i'm a list person. lists, lists and more lists! I LOVE LISTS. usually my lists take shape on whatever extra recycled paper or notebooks i have handy. but not anymore!!!

i've been following this valedesign blog for awhile now. their style is clean and fun, not too modern and they have TONS of free, crafty downloads in the shape of FUN labels, tags, stickers, cards and to-do lists. (and even more!) i've used a bunch of them but for the record, haven't needed to pull out the happy husband kit yet!

i can't wait to use their new HONEY-DEW list. i'm hoping this fun, bright, cheery list increases the conversion rate of being able to cross things off it!! wish me luck :)

just skip on over to their site, download and ENJOY!

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