Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pregnancy announcement.

sharing the news with our family was one of the biggest excitements we've had since getting pregnant. we wanted to make the announcement extra special.

baby king picked out the CUTEST shirts on to gift to our immediate fam. they all have fun sayings like 'grandma to bee', 'great dads get promoted to grandpa', auntie', and (my personal favorite) 'say uncle'.

one of baby king's grandmas is quite the m&m lover. (there are ALWAYS m&m's on hand at her house and she rarely travels without them) we thought it'd be cute to gift personalized m&m's with the due date on them in blue, pink & white. some say 'girl?' same some 'boy?' grandma was pleased with this part of the surprise!!

finally - there was a photo of baby king. depending on whether the gift was hand delivered or mailed, some got a photo of the baby when it was the size of a lima bean @ 7 wks and others got a photo of our 12 wk ultrasound. either way - baby king looks pretty darn cute.

our families were thrilled with the news and hopefully their little gift packages too!!

1 comment:

MylRae said...

Thrilled Yes!

However, the M&M's didn't last very long! (you know me, I can't resist any M&M...)

Not to worry; the HAUNTED M&M's fill my decanters (along with those CUTE ORANGE GLOWING PUMPKIN PEEPS)...

I'm good!
;0) grama2bee