Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ode to my singer.

dear ms. singer,

i thank you for your hard work & dedication the last few years. from the first moment I swept (read: stole) you from my mother (who demanded to have it returned but i managed to steal you back) you have given me all the attention, love and most of all PATIENCE a sewing novice could ask for. and i thank you for that.

you're about as old as me, but much, much wiser in sewing years. you've stood by me with all my rookie mistakes, and despite the lack of online help/tutorials for singers 3 decades old - we've made it through several rough patches together. you've allowed me to create clothes, aprons, placemats, pillows, and oodles of other FUN projects!

a month ago, when i thought you gave up on me, i was happy to part ways given our last hurrah together was this itty-bitty baby dress (free pattern courtesy of one of my favorite sewing blogs, madebyRae). i fully admit to shopping around, taking demo classes on newer machines with LOADS more features, and even flirting with the idea of spending nearly 2x our mortgage payment on a younger model. even worse, i day-dreamed about all the good projects to come...

i shamefully admit this to you b/c thanks to my mother - we're back in action again and i don't want any hard feelings. she's reminded me, once again, that most all my sewing hurdles are related to operator error. i don't want any hard feelings as we glide back into our normal pace again, ok? we've got quite the backlog of projects as well as new baby ones on the docket... so let's get to it!

yours truly,
miss sewing-novice nicky

ps - in the spirit of full disclosure, i refuse to take the Emerald 830 off my christmas list. there is room for two in my craft room :)


MylRae said...

As your Great Aunt Robin (yes she is) said, most sewers/quilters have 2 machines, a basic and a not so basic...

And for the record, if I must return the Pfaff (Thanks John), then you must return the Singer.

Yes, Ms. Singer has served the family well; from baby clothes (when you were itsy bitsy) to curtains in the back room.

I love my Singer but I'm all about sharing.

A very nice ode' to Singer!

:0) 'rae

Anonymous said...

Is writing love letters to sewing machines a symptom of pregnancy? Still anonymous & still curious old man from Niagara.

Sondra said...

That dress looks familiar! Can't wait for Lela to put it on so we can having a living model to do it justice. Hmmm...I'm wondering if there is one of those in the future of BK?!?!?

Nicky C. K. said...

Mom - i play by the rules. i won't hog the machine should I be blessed with the Emerald.

anonymous, OLD and curious man from Niagara - writing down anything before you forget is a symptom of pregnancy!

Sondra - doesn't look like it will be for this BK, but hopefully the next BK! Until then - Lela will be my beautiful model!!