Thursday, October 22, 2009

sugar mountain high.

uh oh.

a gourmet cupcake shoppe is opening within WALKING distance from my work. (0.08 miles, to be precise)

they have a rotating cupcake menu which appeals to me most EVERY day of the week. (with 35 flavors, it's not hard)

i'm sensing TROUBLE!!

i tried to have an emergency meeting there at 5:30 last night but they're not opened yet. my co-worker and i walked away sad.

a little birdie told me they may have free samples on their opening day, which is this Saturday for anyone local.

Mom - since you'll be local this w/e I think we'll need to break from attic renovations and have a mandatory 'naming baby king' brainstorm session at the shoppe...

Yay for cupcakes!!

(and, if anyone from sugar mountain bake shoppe is reading my blog - your signage could be improved tremendously. like put one up please! (those interested - it shares the building with La Tea Da) oh - and there's a spelling error on your website. it's spelled Rochester. since we're dealing with CAKE here - i won't hold any grudges)


MylRae said...

looks enticing!

I guess because they are small we can have one; make that 2! And the diet will begin on Monday...

Oh bother!

MylRae said...

Darn, painting got in the way and we never tried this place (or the WWC) over the weekend. Or should I say it was your amazing cook fest that filled us up beyound the eating dessert point.

That's why we must eat dessert first!

So, please bring me in 1 Spooky CC for the huge upcoming holiday!

Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe said...

Thanks Nicky for all your kind words on this blog and we like your sense of humor as well. We did listen to your advice and we definitely care. So now we did put a outdoor sign and fixed the spelling error on the website. Since our shop is just within walking distance from your work, you should come by often and give us more honest feedback. we'll be honored to have you here.