Thursday, February 18, 2010

baby book quest.

i'm trying to find a darling baby book to record baby king's first moments & i stumbled across this gem...

it's the Mother Stork’s Baby Book. the story goes something like this. the founder discovered her Grandmother's baby book, filled in by her Great Grandmother, and she loved the book so much that she wanted to get the original 1904 version republished. so she started a company to do just that! The republished 100 year anniversary edition of Mother Stork's Baby Book is now in its third printing. And clearly, to purchase one for your child is to have an heirloom in the making.

Vintage. Charming. Lovely.

You can take a tour of the inside pages here.

only problem is... it's $135. YIKES.

have i gone completely out of my mind to fathom spending this much MOOLAH on a baby book?!?


McAllister said...

Yes you have!


Your husband

Anonymous said...

Uh, oh! That's gonna' cost ya', Hal. Go for it Nick, I'll toss in $10(U.S.) to get you started. Anonymous Busy Body from Niagara.

MylRae said...

You already have your baby book filled in by Grandma-2-Bee; and you can see there are a lot of empty pages. (poor #2 & #3 don't even have one; I admit sadly)

So, maybe instead find a nice binder to store them in, cover in some pretty fabric & ribbons. One that will take several books. Also, my 'Birthing Journal'(did you find it yet?) is in a very ugly binder, and could use an update for sure...

I'm with McA, it's a lot of $$ hunney, that could be better spent elsewhere (like College Funds!)...

Good Luck!

From The 'cuse Grandma-2-Bee