Monday, February 22, 2010

36 week update.

my how the belly has GROWN since 31 weeks.

so far i've gained 25 lbs (total, not in 5 wks!) and many more inches than that around the middle :) baby king has had some very active days the last week keeping me on my toes, and up at night! i'm starting to slow down a bit which is making me more restless, but easing into the last few weeks i'm trying to embrace the slower pace while i still can.

one of my latest, more vivid dreams was about baby king's love for NINJAS. he was about 3 yrs old, wearing a ninja bandana across his forehead and came flying into our kitchen to ask me if April O'Neil could be his girlfriend.

Turtle in a half-shell April O'Neil?!


I told him to go ask his father...

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MylRae said...

or go ask Uncle Jon; he too loved April! Even got her autograph in Disney World. Darn, I should have saved his ninja pants...

Sweet Dreams!