Thursday, May 17, 2007

snail mail.

I have some crafty friends who are great at making heartfelt, personal cards. While I'm not so paper/scissors crafty, I do know that I can take a GREAT picture. Which is why I love getting cards from Kodak Gallery.

You can MAKE cards or invitations and ship them directly to you, which I'll do if I'm buying like 20 identical notecards. I'll pick out a cool photo and leave them blank inside so I can write messages later. OR you can have a one of a kind card made and shipped directly to your recipient, which is much more FUN. Even the 'not-so-crafty' can get very creative with the right tools!

Take for example, the Kodak Gallery card I just mailed to my friend Allison. Do you remember how much I HEART Mikwright greeting cards? Well, I love them so much that I decided to make my own 'Nicwright' card since Allison loves them too. I uploaded a funny, provocative photo from our Europe trip to the Gallery website (no judgements PLEASE), added an even more provocative message to the inside and on the back and VOILA! You can't buy that in the greeting card aisle! I should also mention, it's just as cheap as a regular card. (and I won't have to worry about all those 2 cent short stamps I have.....)

I've also decided that Mikwright should run a CONTEST for their card purchasers to design a new card. I know some people who would be great at coming up with just-slightly-left-of-center ideas & photos! The prize should be... hmmm... unlimited mikwright cards for LIFE!

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