Wednesday, August 08, 2007


At the Corn Hill Festival, I took the suggestion from a friend to try out BRUSTER'S ice cream. She claimed it to be the best in Rochester. Being the ice-cream-aholic I am, I selfishly thought how could there be a place here I haven't tried that was THAT good?

After having it AGAIN last night with McAllister - I can attest this real ice cream is top notch! It's fresh, creamy, and filled with deliciousness. Quite the homemade ice cream TREAT! I wanted to try out all the flavors, however I stuck to good ole Black Raspberry. Again.

Their sign reminded me of LUDEN's cough drops.... don't ya think? I used to eat those like candy when I was a youngin.


Jon said...

After not eating breakfast..and seeing that delicious ice cream staring me in the face...

Its torture

ljc said...

Being ice cream fans ourselves, we frequent Brusters quite often. The best birthday cake ice cream I think. If you take a banana on wednesdays (or thursdays?) you get a percentage off your banana split.

emily said...

i heart icecream, especially abbotts, and i know you like abbotts too, could brusters be better than that??? hmmm....i must try!

niccunha said...

jon - if it makes you feel better, I had a brownie for breakfast. sorry for the torture.

ljc - great excuse to go back. must try banana discount!

emily - abbott's is my fave custard, bruster's is now my fave real ice cream. i don't think u'll be dissappointed!