Tuesday, August 07, 2007

potter earmuffs.

I've joined in on the Harry Potter mania craze that has recently swept most of the Muggle reading world. The past two weeks, my nose has been buried in books 5 and 6 in an effort to brush up in preparation for book 7.

Having just finished, I will now spend the next two weeks trying to AVOID any and all conversations or print news about book 7. I don't want any he said/she said baloney to ruin the ending or cloud my thoughts while I'm reading. My copy of book 7 happens to be at my mom's house, so I'll have to keep my potter earmuffs on for two weeks until I pick it up.

These neat Harry Potter stamps are for sale in Britian, I wonder if I could get McAllister's brother to mail me some.


McAllister said...

Good luck getting ahold of Bill. His work day starts before the the Post opens, and ends after the Post closes.

Jon said...

I haven't caught up in my reading either...stuck on book two

emily said...

I have yet to see or read 1 Harry Potter story. I think I need to get going and join the craze!