Wednesday, September 19, 2007

recent fleafinds.

i haven't written about any of the FUN fleafinds I've been scoring on recent sailing trips. here are just a few and what i plan to use them for. best part is they all were $1.00 or less!

2 grocery bags full of wine corks. now that's flippin fleafind FATE if you ask me. I have no excuse NOT to finish my wine cork wreath! note the original price, I drive a hard bargain.

a hat box. who knows if it's really old - but I have this thing for polka dots. i'll use it in the office to store all the photos I use for projs & scrapping.

scrabble. the 1948 edition. will be used to actually play the game this weekend when reigning scrabble champ, allison, comes to town. then the letters will go to good crafting use to make jewelry & other projs. (u can't even buy the letters on ebay for that cheap!)

last up for today, a red checkered TV tray. super-duper CUTE! the tray pops off and so far is used to make sure my wine glass doesn't tumble off the uneven wicker coffee table on our front porch. then i'm hoping it gets some prime real estate in my vintage/junk office makeover plan.


Anonymous from Niagara said...

Where's Lucy? We haven't heard from her since the corn on the cob blog?

MylRae said...

Fate took you to that Sale for sure. Can't wait to see the Cork Wreath; who's door is that going on?

;0) Mom