Tuesday, October 16, 2007

pottery barn & Junk Ladies.

i have starved myself from reading Pottery Barn catalogs ever since I gave up the habit of working there part-time. it's just too painful to see full price merchandise after having a GENEROUS discount.

this past weekend, I skimmed the catalog at Jenn's house. I may have had little Cameron climbing all over me at the time - but that didn't distract me from seeing a $39 'Wooden Photo Display' for sale.

Holy toledo!! Instantly my mind was FLOODED with unanswered questions:
pb's wooden display is not as authentic as my drying rack (below) which gets lots of use holding biz cards at Dirty Birdies sales. but that isn't the point. vintage must be hugely popular, because I noticed lots of 'new' vintage things for sale at Pottery Barn. They had a vintage Door, vintage ceiling tiles, and a vintage architectural display doo-hickie.

I read a rumor last year that the ladies were designing home accessory products for Target, but Pottery Barn? I need answers people. i may have to take my questions straight to the junk ladies. you may recall i'm a card-carrying member of the JUNK CLUB.


Sondra said...

Interesting! I think you should cut out the middle man and sell directly to PB!!!

emily said...

Hmmm....interesting! I agree with Sondra, sell your ideas to PB!

I havent been looking at their catalogs either! I'm afraid that i'll want everything!