Thursday, March 04, 2010

for the love of birch.

for my bridal shower last year I received a gift of Jessica Rust Design's personalized dinnerware from my maid of honor, allison. she gave us these beautiful mugs that had brown birch trees on them, and our initials and wedding year we're carved in the trunk of the tree. they are absolutely ADORABLE! i love how petite & fancy the china is and the birch trees are SOOO me.

well fast forward a year. we had several reasons to not exchange anniversary gifts this year, the biggest of all being my upcoming unpaid maternity leave and all the surmounting baby purchases we've seen the last few months. well after scouring the Internet and discovering a coupon code, i buckled the day before our anniversary and decided to expand our birch tree collection by purchasing the dessert plates.

happy anniversary to me! now we can enjoy the birch trees w/our carved initials in them for dessert & coffee :)

who knows, maybe someday we'll get the platter too :)

and they also have other cute designs... like these birds on a wire!


sundaze said...

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brett said...

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MylRae said...

Interesting. I like your mugs, drink from them whenever I'm in town; however, I like the brown/off white so much better than the blue. Blue is so not a Birch color! Weird & a surprising opinion, being Blue is one of my favorite colors.

Marisa L. S. said...

love them! so cute!